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Lead with the Company Values – Covid needs you to...

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

With COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreading across the world, the new normal is changing. More than ever before employees are looking to their leadership to lead. While most in leadership roles have managing down to a science, leading is an art that must usually be developed.

Yet, in this challenging time leaders can grow and shine. This means modeling the behavior they expect from their employees and demonstrating the values listed on websites, posted in lunchrooms and included in onboarding manuals.

Look at those, dissect them and consider how you are, or are NOT, living them. Then consider how you reinforce those daily with your teams. Or do you?

If you value collaboration and inclusion, but always go to a few trusted teammates for ideas, maybe this is a good time to bring everyone together on a zoom call and whiteboard everyone’s ideas. If respect is a value, then make sure the employee who is openly scared or just having trouble with remote tools is not shamed directly or indirectly. Or maybe listen to that teammate you inadvertently dismiss. Is trust a value? What do you do that suggest symbolically that you trust your teams? What do you do to build that trust among team members? As leaders we must continually look inward, recognize our natural style, our own shortcomings and work to be the leader our teams need - especially during uncertain times.

If you are working from home take the extra minutes you would normally spend getting ready in the morning or commuting and reflect on your role as a leader. Or find time before going to sleep. Does your behavior align with the company values? Do you demonstrate these in your daily work and how exactly do you reinforce these with your team? Is it part of performance appraisals? Do you reward those who emulate the values in their work? How can you use this moment to be a true leader? Despite the chaos, perhaps in light of the chaos, how can you become mindful of your behaviors – and make the needed adjustments not only to get through this situation but to rise above once it subsides.

Once we all recover, if your organization needs a team-building workshop to drive to your goals and align with your values in a meaningful way, please reach out.

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